Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have you ever tasted skin?

  Have you ever wanted to do meth, smash your teeth out with your guitar with the amp turned up to 11?
      well you are a fucking wierdo.....but give this a listen

At The Drive In,   combining meth, lack of musical ability, and a shit load of enthuism. these five homo-sexuals from el paso texas have been  writing songs about cannabilism and sol fucking the sea since they have been sucking dick for spare change down at the truck stop.
  known for their great recordings backed by their enthusiastic performances of lack luster musical ability.

     relationship of command is one of the best albums to listen to on a nice relaxing sunny afternoon. or while you are kicking in the skull of the neighbors beagle.


  1. Nice song, I like it I can play counter strike to this song.

  2. Love the energy these guys bring!

  3. yup, def on the css play list

  4. I love energetic bands, try Lightning Bolt. I feel that you would like them more.

  5. Great song! followed!

  6. Good input, I don't mind this sort of thing