Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dub what?


So I haven't listened to this band since I was first addicted to bath salts and Robitussin, feeling like I needed to dredge up the past I put on a little easy star all stars -dub side of the moon.   now if you havent heard of this band they are a reggae band with a rotating cast of musicians.  easy star is famous for doing dub versions of famous songs and whole albums....   maybe you remember the album   radiodread?

probably not

but maybe you remember their cover of the whole Dark side of the moon album? (which also includes new instructions for syncing it with wizard of oz and watching the dark side of the rainbow.)

if not you need to go stock up on bath salts and cough syrup and give this whole album a listen front to back.


  1. I like what I hear. Thanks for the find!

  2. Not much of a Reggae type of guy but this is still pretty good.

  3. Love these guys! I have heard the Floyd covers will definitely check out the Radiohead too!

  4. Pretty good, not my style of stuff, but I still liked it

  5. nice music,i truly digg it
    waiting for more like this

  6. oh cough syrup and your poor person robo tripping ideas, you really take me back