Wednesday, March 9, 2011

dub what?


So I haven't listened to this band since I was first addicted to bath salts and Robitussin, feeling like I needed to dredge up the past I put on a little easy star all stars -dub side of the moon.   now if you havent heard of this band they are a reggae band with a rotating cast of musicians.  easy star is famous for doing dub versions of famous songs and whole albums....   maybe you remember the album   radiodread?

probably not

but maybe you remember their cover of the whole Dark side of the moon album? (which also includes new instructions for syncing it with wizard of oz and watching the dark side of the rainbow.)

if not you need to go stock up on bath salts and cough syrup and give this whole album a listen front to back.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Have you ever tasted skin?

  Have you ever wanted to do meth, smash your teeth out with your guitar with the amp turned up to 11?
      well you are a fucking wierdo.....but give this a listen

At The Drive In,   combining meth, lack of musical ability, and a shit load of enthuism. these five homo-sexuals from el paso texas have been  writing songs about cannabilism and sol fucking the sea since they have been sucking dick for spare change down at the truck stop.
  known for their great recordings backed by their enthusiastic performances of lack luster musical ability.

     relationship of command is one of the best albums to listen to on a nice relaxing sunny afternoon. or while you are kicking in the skull of the neighbors beagle.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Folk-Grass anyone?

                                                                       Horse Feathers

   The first time I heard horse feathers was just like the first time a woman was sweet enough to lick my coin purse(you know who you are).   shock followed by a deep pleasure.

    Horse feathers is one man (justin ringle) accompanied by an ever changing cast of musicians.   growing up in idaho he fronted several bands before moving to portland in the year of our lord 2004.  justin began playing open mic nights around portland on a regular basis, attracting talented locals to help fill out his songs.

   Horse Feathers recorded their debut album "words are dead"  in 2008 at miracle lake studios, followed by the 2007 release of "house with no home" and their more recent 2010 release of thistled spring.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Come get your groove on.

   If you have ever wondered what it would be like to smoke DMT while drinking a gallon of pcp (*)
 but you didnt feel like cutting your face off with pieces of a broken morror and then feeding it to your dog.....

       now is your chance with kaleidoscope jukebox, this man must have been spinning since god fist fucked dinosaurs into non existence.
           fucking crazy dinosaurs
                       turning into gasoline
 so if you would like to have your face blown out the back of your skull then sit back, turn your speakers all the way up and give a listen.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

         The K-Dub

keller williams is a creative force unto himself, combining elements of bluegrass, folk, alternative rock, reggae, jazz, funk and all types of electronica.   His one man shows are extremely upbeat as he smoothly switches between instruments, playing and looping as if he where born to do so.  
  His innovative streak and playful manner go hand in hand as he plays the thurman, which i could find no videos/pictures/or info about this instrument.   It is playing using a magnetic force field repelled by your hand. its the sound a cow would make after you kicked it in the head until it was legally retarded.
   he has also been known to play a plastic saxophone he bought at target.
he has also created a 10 string guitar, the bottom four are bass strings and the top six are guitar strings, played in a slap and strum manner.
    I hope you give it a listen and enjoy.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips are like a lasanga,  deep rich textures layered for maximum effectiveness.    a self proclaimed acid punk band formed in Oklahoma in 1983, The Flaming Lips have reinvented themselves time and time again.  Pushing the bounderies between comic acid, visuals, and hard grinding rock.
    Although the band has only had one hit "she dont use jelly" in 1993 they have a very large and devout following.  Touted as one of the best and most innovative live shows still touring today, The Flaming Lips seem to be the only band that can top their shenanigans. voted by Q magazine as being "one of the 5- bands you must see before you die.

    in their return to oklahoma onnew years eve they decided to scramble peoples frontal lobes with their shear awesomeness .   They had the concert at the city zoo, to open the show the band was lowered out onto stage by a crane, while riding a gigantic homemade ufo.   they where then lowered out of the bottom while the lead singer was rolling out of the top in a giant person sized balloon.   He then played the first song while walking over everyone in his giant bubble.  
      Go out and buy all of their cd's, learn how to make grilled cheese, then follow them across the country.......its simple

Saturday, February 12, 2011


  The first time I had ever heard groovatron, I had a head full of acid, sitting by my campsite in the middle of a bluegrass legends backyard (bill monroe bluegrass jamboree).   Groovatron had landed  the midnight slot of the opening night of f.u.n.k. festival (Victor Wooten's brain child)
    The stillness of the night was cut by the warming up of a saxophone.  As we all wandered up the hill and through the trees in the pitch black, always moving towards the sound of the sax.   I cleared the tree line right as the band picked up an I was hooked.
    The entire band had painted themselves black and wore black clothing so it appeared no one was onstage.
One of the most amazing things about that night was the use of liquid oil projection,  a dying art using colored alcohol and mineral oil pressed between two pieces of glass and placed upon an overhead projector.  as  it heats up it starts to produce bubbles within the mixture and then move on its own free will.  simply amazing.

Hailing from a hammond indiana, this jazz/jam/rock fusion band tours constantly, delivering energized creative shows night after night at a small dive bar  possibly near you.

Here is a link to their song "Outcome SOS"
 "shaunza a night sky"